We are proud to present some of the UK’s emerging and well known talent. Homebrew showcases thirteen punchy shorts films, animation and documentaries. The event concludes with two award winning shorts, ‘Good Thanks, You?’ and ‘Dolapo Is Fine’. This screening will be shown on Saturday 14th August at 1430 BST.

Duration 01:57:25

Our Titles Include:

We’re showcasing two short films ACP Network. ACP Network is a home for people, creating impactful films and supporting the future generation of talent. Their latest is Repercussions which tells the story of the consequences of careless actions. Lost Brother is based on the true story of two childhood friends who have grown up together. Unfortunately things change when cancer takes a friends life.

Nous is a pandemic-set character driven drama directed by Charlie Lewis. The story follows a young man’s psychological journey within the depths of his own mind as he battles isolation, loneliness and depression

In response to the death of George Floyd in the US, Helena Mate-Kole Rampe, Lizzie Mate-Kole Rampe and Florence Bender organised a BLM protest in their predominantly white town. In Black Lives Matter Tunbridge Wells, Helena tells us her story of growing up in Tunbridge Wells, encountering racism and prejudice from a young age, and her fight to protest for racial justice, education and black lives.

Walk With Walker is a talented, multi award winning production company. We are proud to showcase two of their short film titles. Save Her focuses on a man who is stuck in a loop. What would you do if you could relive that moment again? That moment where you could save the one you love, can you change the past? Break In focuses on a woman who is suffering mental health. Thinking that she is seeing and hearing things that are true she takes things to the extreme.

Lightning strikes in the desert, and Flame is born. Alone and scared, she soon realises that she is in trouble, as the same storm that brought her to life is a threat to her survival.

Jon Alagoa makes his first of two appearances at Serenity Screenings. In the short film, Londoner, he plays Mark Nelson, an actor born and raised in London, who attends an audition for a film set in the capital. Unfortunately for him, the casting director has a different perception of what a Londoner is.

Afro Baby explores a relationship between mother and daughter as the mother explains to her daughter why she should love her natural hair. A warm, heartfelt conversations told through a short film. Afro Baby is one of many great short films out of the all female production company, YCT Productions

Errors In Eros. Shaquille’s blind date turns sour as he begins to realise how much of a mismatch the lovely lady in front of really him is.

Life’s Short, I’m Not is a short documentary featuring Azania Stewart. The 2012 Great British Olympic Basketball player is a 6’4 woman who discusses her highs and lows of being a tall woman in society.

In the aftermath of an attack, Amy is left voiceless, trapped in a whirlwind of incompetence. She must find a way to confront what has happened, in order to save what matters to her most. Good Thanks, You? Has been nominated for 16 awards and is the winner of Panel Award of the 2020 Tweetfest Film Festival.

Dolápò Is Fine is a story about a young black girl’s relationship with her hair and name, and how it helps her understand who she really is. This multi award winning short has been nominated for four awards and is the winner of the HBO Short Film Award of the 2020, American Black Film Festival. It also won Best Actress in a Short Drama and Best Short Drama of the 2020, I Will Tell International Film Festival.

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