Our second screening is a jam packed with 14 shorts and documentaries showcasing music and dance. These are both powerful art forms, seen as a way to communicate thought and emotion. This screening showcases some of the talented directors from around the globe. Duration 01:55:54

We explore both of these powerful art forms from talented film makers across the globe The showcase starts with two shorts from Canadian film maker, Merey Ismailova, with Magic Book and Tea Party. Julie Boehm directs Ukeka, a colourful short for the Equatorial Guinea Body Painting Festival. We then move to the markets of Bamako in Mali for Agnès Quillet’s Woyo. Dance, is an animated short from United States of America, directed by Andrea “Andy” Mangano. TED speaker Selim Harbi, directs the awards winning short Call Me Neguinho based in Africa’ Cape Verde. We shift to London where Joseph Hearsey and Kai-Yan Lai collaborate to direct Re:Teu Behind The Music.

Taking us through into the second hour of the showcase is Avenues, by Austria’s Günther Friesinger. Ashleigh Alexandria is inspired by Duke Ellington’s Flamingo to direct a short of the same name in the streets of the United States. Multi-instrumentalist Elias Borges, performs in the Music video Plural in this musical and visual resource. Rap Around is an Australian documentary about a rapper struggling to find gigs creating his own Hip Hop showcase. The Dundunba event in Guinea is most well known for dance, rhythm, Rich McKeown directs this short showcasing its origins… the Dun Dun drum. Mr McKeown directs another documentary featuring musician Sylvain Leroux and his work with the “street kids” of the Guinean school Centre Tyabala de Guinea, Ecola Fula Flute. Our showcase finishes with The Dharavi Dream Project, directed by Rhea Talati focusing on the Hip Hop school in Asia’s largest slum.

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