Summer of Eleven Screenings

After a successful submission campaign, Serenity Screenings will exhibit over 100 shorts, feature films and music videos.

We have divided these into eleven screenings, each with their own theme.

Our first screening features some of the creative talent from Ghana. 

  • The next screening is titled “Through Music and Dance” and explores these themes through African Diaspora spanning the globe.
  • “International Shorts”, brings you our selection of varying stories about travel, food and master toy makers!
  • We also have screening spotlighting films from the United States, this includes the Oscar winning short film ‘Skin’.
  • “Homebrew Shorts” is the theme for short films made in the UK.
  • There are African Diaspora stories to be heard from the rest of Europe in our “Euro Stars” theme.
  • Serenity Screenings also has an animation theme, and these amazing works should be seen in our “Animated Heroes” screening.
  •  Our eighth screening is titled “Tales from Egypt & The Maghreb” and showcases a collection of shorts, a music video, and a feature documentary about Queen Nefertari
  • This screening focuses on our selection of talent from the Ugandan Film Industry. The “Ugandan Spotlight” will exhibit four shorts and a feature length movie.
  • Everybody loves a love story, and we have a fair few to tell. “All You Need Is Love” is the title of this theme. We have seven short films ending with Aloe Vera.
  • Serenity Screenings has a strong connection with the Fighting Spirit Film Festival. This screening is a collaboration between the two projects, featuring shorts of both African Diaspora and Martial Arts.

We look forward to welcoming you to our screenings.

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