On Saturday 28th August, we will present EuroStars. We’ve selected some outstanding works from around Europe. We’re extremely proud of the twelve short films and documentaries that we have selected for this showcase. Three of these include music videos from The Netherlands, Poland and France.

Duration 01.41.36

Our Titles Include:

From Italy we have selected four titles. Kofi’s Dream talks about the hopeful journey of an African refugee from Chad, who goes to Europe passing through the African desert and the Libyan coasts, in order to reach Europe and realise his dream. The lives of two boys living in the apartment complex Exmoi, a rundown and degraded place in Turin (Italy) in the crosshairs of public opinion. A bare and raw story between music, ethnic diversity, illegality and politics. Setting out from the approval of the controversial Legislative Decree 113/2018 on immigration and international security approved by the Italian government as proposed by right-wing politician Matteo Salvini, this short film portrays real-life moments, emotions and experiences – some intimate, others part of our shared imaginary – of the long-term integration processes of various Afro-descendant communities in Italy. An old Notebook belong to the past will be found by Maurizio in public park and it will turn on the curse to him. The notebook has been created by a young girl (Patricia Sziuk)has been missing since 1987 and she will back again after 20 years from her disappearance.

From France we’re showing Timeout, set in a not too distant future, Alice struggles to survive a chase to the death on a post-apocalyptic island formerly called Martinique… From Belly To Another features two women, two bellies. One has a choice, the other doesn’t. Therefore, will they be able to free themselves from the past?

Being born and raised in a society with no representation of one’s self, what does it do? Through My Daughters Eyes is a Belgian short film, written by Asubonteng Evon Adjei.

After George Floyds tragic death in 2020 the filmmaker on I Have A Dream get in touch with Black activists in Cologne. Parts of the Black Community collaborate with associations in Cologne to plan a demonstration on the occasion of Martin Luther King’s famous speech in 1963. The filmaker gets involved in the preparations and talks to the activists about the Black Lives Matter movement.  Music „Nie wieder leise“ by Celina Bostic and team / 

We have a dream is the result of a meeting of women whose lives started in places very different to this one. They banded together to speak of wishes, fears and conflicts. This this project was born to be a message of sorority and entrepreneurship. This masterpiece shows the enormous strength that comes from them, demonstrating how united they can change the world. Far from the image of victimisation.